A downloadable game for Windows

Made in 72 hours for the uniday-2021 game jam and created with Seika!


It's feast time in the cave  and there is a lot of activity due to the excitement of the creatures.  Sally's favorite food is now available, help her collect all of the food before it's gone!



WASD, Arrow Keys: Movement

Space: Gain life if over 1000 points (and less than 5 lives)

Enter: Menu confirmation

ESC: Exit game


Left Analog, D-Pad: Movement

Start: Menu Confirmation

Back: Exit game


Programming/Audio - @Chukobyte

Programming - @CodeTheMuffin

Art - @PineTreePizza


cave_salamander.zip 9 MB

Development log


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Seen you guys are using a zip file. You can build a installer using Install Forge. Its free, professional and easier to setup for newb users. Hope that helps. Cool game

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Thanks for checking it out and also for the useful tip!  Will definitely keep that in mind especially if a commercial game is released with the engine.