A downloadable tool for Windows


A work in progress open source game engine for windows.  Seika consists of two separate applications:

  • Engine
  • Editor
    • Configures a project workspace that is compatible with the engine core.
    • Closed source, will be available in some form at a later time.


I created Seika as a test bed for my personal projects and game jams.  I have in mind the types of games I want to develop and will strive to make Seika able to be used for that purpose.

Current State

As of now, Seika is in alpha so expect bugs and incomplete features.  No serious game should be made with Seika until it is stable.  Since the changes will be volatile, I recommend to install with the itch.io application to automatically be prompted for an update.


As of now, work on Seika engine has stopped as I'm currently working on a new open source engine titled Crescent.  Eventually I'll create an itch.io page for it to be downloaded once development has progressed further.  Here is a link to the source code: https://github.com/Chukobyte/crescent


Seika Full Documentation


Projects Made With Seika



Once the engine is more stable, will add examples and tutorials.  For now, the full documentation and the engine source code is the best resource for Seika.  Also, if using source control it is best to exit the editor when switching branches.

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seika_engine_editor.zip 20 MB

Install instructions

1. Download the file `seika_engine_editor.zip`.

2. Extract the zip within a folder.

3. Run `seika_engine_editor.exe`.

It is recommended to install the engine with itch.io to automatically check for updates

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