0.11.x Devlog #2 - In the throws of a new alpha

Hey everyone! I'm still developing the new version Serenade of the Sirens (SOTS). I'm working hard to replace the current version of SOTS and I think the best way to introduce it is to add a beta branch/build once a playable build is available. I'll post an update on this in a future update once I have more info.

I wanted to post an update sooner but didn't want to talk about things that are subject to change. I feel as though I'll run the risk of things changing regardless of when I reveal, so here I go:

  • Seika art has been changed.
  • Seika's home world added as an entry point before entering a dungeon.
  • Seika can gain more attacks and abilities during a dungeon run.
  • More items.
  • Added a room map to see how all rooms connects.
  • Updated minimap.
  • Increased game resolution.
  • Added more background layers.

What has or will change isn't limited to this list. All in all, I think it's going in a better direction but I'll need play testers to be the judge. That's it for now, will post another update soon.

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