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Version: 0.2.10

Serenade of the Sirens is an upcoming roguelite dungeon crawler taking place underwater.  Help Seika discover the secrets of the underwater cave before it's too late!




Move: [W A S D]

Attack: [โ†‘ โ† โ†“ โ†’]

Turbo (hold): [SPACE]

Cycle Abilities: [1 or 2]

Activate Ability: [T]

Exit Zone/Open Clam Chest/Buy Item: Y

Menu Confirm: [Enter]

Toggle Minimap: M

Pause Game: [Enter]

Quit Game: [ESC]


Move: [Left Analog] or [D-Pad]

Attack[Right Analog]

Turbo (hold): [L2]

Cycle Abilities: [L1 or R1]

Activate Ability: [R2]

Exit Zone/Open Clam Chest/Buy Item: [XBox: Y, PS: Triangle, Nintendo: X]

Menu Confirm: [XBox, PS: Start, Nintendo: +] or [XBox: A, PS: Cross, Nintendo: B]

Toggle Minimap: [XBox, PS: Select] or [Nintendo: -]

Pause Game: [XBox, PS: Start] or [Nintendo: +]


* This game is better played with a joystick

* To purchase an item you need the required note amount and to press the buy item key/button while on the item.

* This game is actively being developed, check Devlogs for more details!


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Serenade_of_the_Sirens_Windows.zip 45 MB
Serenade_of_the_Sirens_MacOSX.zip 58 MB
Serenade_of_the_Sirens_Linux.zip 46 MB

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This game i feel like is a hidden gem, i feel like i didnt do this game to much justice since i didnt finish. i like the 2D platform feel. I had i a really hard time finding health though to make it to the end.  Was a fun game though. Good Job

Thanks for playing, I've learned a lot from your feedback!  I just updated the game, hopefully a minimap will help players not get lost!


Does the game work with Dualshock 4, Dualshock 3, or both? (Dualshock are the PS controllers, 3 is PS3, 4 is PS4)

Thanks for asking this question!  I believe it works for both, but unfortunately I don't have the Dualshock 3 or 4 controllers.  If you have them, could you please test them out for me if you can?  I've been solely testing on XBox controllers, but I'll make sure to grab ps and nintendo switch controllers in the future for testing.

I can test, I have both!

Cool thanks, I would really appreciate it!

I did not test but it probably will not work properly because Dualshock have weird drivers. Instead of the normal 0 and +1 it does -1 and +1

If you get a chance to test let me know.  From the documentation and threads I've read on Godot's gamepad support, it should support ps controllers.


I also believe the PS4 might be allocated to a different port when coding it. But I might be wrong.


Thanks for the info.  I'll definitely look into it and update my instructions accordingly.


Can't wait for you to release more games! All of your games right now are pretty good.


This game looks gorgeous!


Simple but new concept, smooth controls, nice music. Not so hard, not so easy. 10/10