0.11.x Devlog #4 - End of Year Update

End of Year Update

Hey everyone, as promised here is a quick end of year update on the progress of Serenade of the Sirens (SOTS).  I'm continuing to work on the new version of SOTS (will call it SOTS 2.0) and I'm still aiming to have an alpha build by 'the end of Q1/early Q2'.   It's been over a year since my last game update, so my number 1 priority as of now is getting the alpha build out for feedback.

One of the biggest changes to come to SOTS 2.0 is switching from full procedurally generated rooms to hand crafted ones.  This simple change has caused sort of a break through for the game as it makes designing elements of the game a lot more accessible and under my control.  With the way the rooms are generated changing, it has updated the way I have designed the enemies and stages.  The enemy encounters I feel can be planned out a lot better.

I won't get too far into the weeds of SOTS 2.0 until things are further along next year.  The next news update will most likely come out in February and I should have a lot more to show and to talk about by then.

Thanks for tuning in and I want to wish YOU a happy new year!

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