0.1.0 - Added Items and Treasure Chests

This is easily the biggest update I've pushed out as far as game play.  I've added items, treasure chests, item shop, and a currency for buying items.  Some items give new abilities while others boost stats.  There are only a small amount of items as of now and more will be added later on.    I've tested as much as I can, but there are also probably some bugs that need to be sorted out.  All in all, this update should put the game closer to a dungeon crawling rogue like adventure.  Items and other things will become more balanced as the game develops further!


  • Added items and treasure chests
  • Updated Music Box sprite and animation
  • In game currency (notes)
  • Added shop to purchase item from with notes

What's Next

  • Character progression for Seika
  • More enemies/bosses
  • New themed stages [NEW]
  • Minimap [NEW]
  • More variety the further Seika ascends the underwater cave.
  • Update procedural logic for zones

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