0.1.1 - Exit Zone Animation & Compass Item

This is a small update to add exit zone animation for Seika, add a compass item that will point to the exit of a zone, and a few minor bug fixes.  There are currently place holder sprites in place for the compass and necklace effect, these will be updated in future builds.  I also added "More item/treasure" explicitly to the "What's Next" section.  I removed implementing a mini map for each zone.  I may add this feature in the future, but for now I think the compass item will suffice.


  • Added animation for Seika exiting a zone
  • Added compass item
  • Minor bug fixes

What's Next

  • Character progression for Seika
  • More enemies/bosses
  • More item/treasure [NEW]
  • New themed stages [NEW]
  • Add intro scene skip [NEW]
  • Minimap [Removed (maybe will add later)]
  • More variety the further Seika ascends the underwater cave.
  • Update procedural logic for zones

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