0.2.0 - New Stages, Enemies, Items and more

This is a big update with a lot of new items, so I thought it made sense to increment the minor version.  New enemies have been added in and I'll be tweaking and updating them in upcoming versions.  I have yet to add new boss characters, so there will be only one for now.  Additionally I've added in new stages each with their own music.  

I also thought it made sense to add a minimap.  Like everything else the minimap is a work in progress, but for now what's there should suffice.  Last but now least, there is also an in game pause.  I'll be adding new content and fixing bugs in future updates!


  • new stages
  • new enemies
  • new items
  • new music
  • added in game pause
  • added minimap (can toggle on and off)
  • gameplay tweaks and bug fixes

What's Next

  • Abilities [NEW]
  • More enemies/bosses
  • More items/treasures
  • More gameplay tweaks and balancing

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