0.2.6 - Seika Transformation and Game Save

This update includes 3 new abilities (including a transformation), more items/treasures, and a game save.  The transformation for Seika is a permanently unlocked ability that is obtained when completing the game.  In the future, I'll have other permanent end game boosts for Seika to obtain.

I'll be pushing smaller updates while I'm working on more bosses in the background.  One known bug is the lobster movement glitches sometimes...I'll fix this in future builds.  There are probably other bugs as well, so please let me know if you come across any.  Also be aware that saves could possibly be wiped once the game is fully released.


  • Added abilities including transformation for Seika.  Can cycle through abilties with L1 or R1.
  • Added mp hearts and ability box
  • Added game save (transformation is unlocked permanently)
  • Added more items
  • Minor bug fixes

What's Next

  • More abilities
  • More enemies/bosses
  • More items/treasures
  • More gameplay tweaks and balancing

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