Upcoming Changes & 0.5.2

After doing some serious thinking and taking in a good amount of feedback, I've decided to make a major change (or changes) to Seika.  As it currently stands the turbo button is really pointless in the grand scheme of things because Seika's base speed is so slow.  I think it would be better to increase Seika's base speed and have an updated or different mechanic for turbo instead.    There could also be other uses for this newly updated turbo as well.   In the next update, Seika's base speed will increase and  I wanted to at least put it in a devlog before it is implemented.

Also there will  be other changes and updates to add a little more spice to the mix.  This will range from in level events, new/updated mechanics (like turbo), changes to enemies, and visual polish.  I want to have Serenade of the Sirens at a certain point before I bring it to early access on steam and this is part of the process.  If you have any feedback or suggestions feel free to reach out to me.

Last but not least, here is the small minor change for build 0.5.2.


  • Particles now emit when enemies are attacked

What's Next

  • More abilities
  • More items/treasures
  • More gameplay tweaks and balancing

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