0.9.0 - Rebuild

Hey everyone, it's been a while! I have finally finished rewriting Serenade of the Sirens and 0.9.0 update is complete. The original scope of the 0.9.0 update was to update the layout of the procedurally generated levels and the item shops, but as I dove further into it I realized that a rewrite would be more beneficial as opposed to just refactoring. 

What I didn't expect was how long the rewrite was going to take. Instead of going down the path of the rebuilding the game, time could have been spent working on new features. The trade off was having a better structured project, making some needed changes to the fundamental systems of the game, and preparing the future for more changes.

I've been striving with the last series of updates to get the core game solidified so I can expand upon it and I feel like with the latest update the core of the game is at a place I have been wanting it to be for awhile. There are still some additions and tweaks that Serenade of the Sirens need to become the game that I know it can be and they will be applied in future updates as I continue to iterate on the game.

A few points before I close out. It will be awhile before the next minor release 0.10.x version update, but I will provide patches to fix bugs and make tweaks to the 0.9.x version. Last but not least, the save file has been deleted with this new update. There is a possibility that saves will be wiped in the future while Serenade of the Sirens is still in early access, but this won't happen for awhile. I'll give a heads up before the next save wipe. Thanks for reading!

Changes (including but not limited to):

  • Dungeon layouts are more 'cave like'
  • Added soul note item (for end game currency)
  • Added separate dungeon for item shop with shop keeper
  • Updated Seika's projectile attack
  • Updated dash/dodge
  • Changes to Iceberg Depths and Coral Cavern Music Themes
  • Updated coin and mp end game menu icons
  • Added damage animation to Seika
  • Various tweaks to the bosses
  • Performance optimizations throughout various parts of the game
  • Tweaked enemy to enemy collisions
  • Save file deletion
  • Various bug fixes

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